Rogue Wave - Good Morning

Posted on by Davy Rudolph


As for most people, 2009 was a bad year for Zach Rogue. Of course sadness and introspection was already a huge part of his band Rogue Wave’s last album Asleep at Heaven’s Gate. “Ironically, [this] has even been a more difficult year. There’s been more death than I’ve ever had in my life,” Rogue says. Add to that a freak neck injury from last fall that left Rogue unable to move his shoulder or play guitar for a couple months, and Rogue Wave would have another album full of inward-looking songs about loss and anxiety. Instead, Rogue’s temporary paralysis made him appreciate the simple act of moving his body. “When I started playing guitar again because I got feeling back in my hand, I felt like I was a little kid again, because I was actually glad to play the guitar and start writing songs,” he says. And he wanted to celebrate. “I’ve decided that when you experience enough death, that you make a decision: Are you gonna wallow in it or are you gonna make the best of it and enjoy what you have? Because I’ve seen lately that it goes pretty fast.” he explained. “[So] this record is not about self-pity at all. There’s some anger in the lyrics and laughing at some of the hypocrisy, some lyrical darkness and stinging non sequitirs and all that, but musically, rhythmically, it’s up.”