Charlie Wagers

Posted on by Davy Rudolph

Charlie and I go way back. Some of you may know that I have been in numerous bands growing up, which results in meeting tons of amazing artists and musicians. Charlie is one artist that I've continued to follow closely since we met because you could just tell from the quality of his work that he's got that special something. His portfolio is not only impressive and captivating, it has something special that makes it transcend other work out there... Originality. When you look at a piece that he's created you know right away who the artist is. Charlie's poster and merch design is some of the best I've ever seen and it's my pleasure to know him and to display his work. Now, if only he sold prints... ;) (More images after the break)


Charlie is also a fellow lomographer and, as you can expect, his shots are pretty amazing. If you happen to be in the Akron, OH area, be sure to check out Charlie's solo exhibition of Medium-Format photographs "Through a Plastic Lens" this November. You can find more info on the exhibition here.