Bobby McKenna

Posted on by Davy Rudolph

If you have visited dribbble once in the past three months then chances are you've seen his work. The guy's been resting on the popular page since I can remember and it doesn't look like he'll be leaving anytime soon. His design aesthetic and body of work are extremely mature for someone having just graduated from college only a few months ago and I wouldn't be surprised to see him highlighted within the pages of HOW very soon. The man I am speaking of is Bobby McKenna and it is my pleasure to showcase his work here.




Bobby's currently looking for a place of work and you'd be blessed to have him on your team. He got the skills and talent and I doubt he'll be looking long so be sure to get in touch with him today. You can find Bobby on twitter @clashmore and you can visit his site,, to find out more about him and to download his resume.