New Belgium Refresh

Posted on by Davy Rudolph

I'm a big fan of this refresh. The new illustrations are now perfectly inline with their brand while retaining their nostalgic feel from the older paintings that graced the labels. 


Matthew DiVito

Posted on by Davy Rudolph

This guy is a master in the art of the animated .gif. Seriously some of the most stunning work I've seen recently. 


Momentus Project

Posted on by Davy Rudolph

The Bombing of Hiroshima by Chaz Russo

Evan Stremke's momentus project has been receiving a lot of flack as of late because of it's all male line-up. But no matter what side you are on, you have to admit the peices so far have been amazing. Head on over to the momentus site and check out the rest of the peices that have been posted so far. Amazing stuff, guys. 

Voices of Youth Rebrand

Posted on by Davy Rudolph

Oh, hey! Remember me? I used to post stuff in your RSS feed from time to time. Yeah... sorry about neglecting this blog for a bit again. I took some time off to hone my skills and to start new projects. But without further ado...

I don't believe I've ever really covered a rebrand before but this one really jumped out at me. What I particularly love about this one is the use of negative space within the speech bubble, which in turn makes their mark very versatile. The new design comes to us thanks to Brooklyn-based Hyperaft. Head over to Brand New to read a more indepth post about the project. Enjoy.